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July 27, 1970

Message from Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin to President Nixon (Transmitted by Col. Kennedy to Kissinger) regarding Soviet military presence in UAR.

A message from Ambassador Dobrynin to President Nixon regarding the Soviet military presence in the Middle East.

April 25, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation between Yitzak Rabin and Henry Kissinger

Rabin and. Kissinger discuss the Soviet's participation in the Egyptian Air Force, an increase in Egyptian air attacks on Israel, and potential American responses.

May 21, 1970

Memorandum for the Record, "Meeting of the NSC Special Review Group on the Middle East

Notes on an NSC Special Review Group, discussing the shift in balance and policy after the US commitment to supply aircraft to Israel.

June 18, 1970

National Security Decision Memorandum 66, "Next Steps in the Middle East"

A memorandum outlining the President's approval of the steps recommended in the Secretary of State's 6/9 memorandum, as well as some caveats.

March 17, 1970

Aide Memoire, March 17, 1970

A confirmation that the United States intends both to continue providing hardware to Israel, as well as to pursue a negotiated peace settlement in the region.

June 16, 1970

Memorandum for the President, "The Middle East"

Kissinger provides a historical overview of the current state of the Middle East and the decisions the US has made, and offers a suggested proposal to negotiate peace between Israel and the Arab States while taking the Soviet Union into account.

October 15, 1970

Combined Session NSC Review Group Meeting, "Middle East"

A summary of the NSC review group meeting, in which the group decided to begin work on a new forumla for talks, and prepare a paper on the options for a Palestinian solution to the situation in the Middle East.

March 13, 1970

Memorandum for the President, "The New Soviet tactic on Middle East Talks"

An analysis of the Soviet's proposal for a resumption of bilateral talks on a Middle East settlement, specifically the reasoning behind the Soviet's desire to resume conversations.

October 12, 1970

Memorandum for the President, "The UAR Presidency"

Kissinger provides an overview of Anwar Sadat, why he believes Sadat will likely be the next president of the UAR, and Sadat's main supporters.

May 12, 1970

Memorandum for the President, "Sisco Reflections after Mid-east Trip"

A review of Secretary Sisco's trip to the Middle East, in which he inuits that neither Egypt nor Israel believe peace is possible with the other at the current time.