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Cambodian-Vietnamese War, 1977-1991


Popular Documents

November 2, 1979

Letter Dated 2 November 1979 from the Permanent Representative of Viet Nam to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

The Vietnamese Permanent Representative to the UN submits an excerpt from a record of conversation between Pol Pot and Hua Guofeng, dated September 29, 1977.

September 1988

Record of Meetings in Prime Minister Takeshita’s Visit to China

Detailed summaries of Japanese Prime Minister Takeshita's conversations with Li Peng, Yang Shangkun, Deng Xiaoping, and Zhao Ziyang. Topics of discussion include Sino-Japanese political, economic, and cultural relations; China's economy and politics in the 1980s; the "history" problem; and the status of Taiwan. The two sides also discussed a range of international issues, including relations with the Soviet Union and the United States; developments on the Korean Peninsula; the Cambodian-Vietnamese conflict; the Iran-Iraq War; and Pakistan.

November 26, 1982

Excerpts of Talks between Leading Comrades and Foreign Guests (Supplement No. 2)

A Chinese Communist Party digest summarizing a recent meeting between Hu Yaobang and a delegation of the French Communist Party.

July 18, 1980

Statement of the Conference of Foreign Ministers between Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

The Foreign Ministers of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam accused Thailand of deliberately complicating the situation in its border areas with Cambodia and Laos. They criticized Bangkok of joining the US in collaborating with China against the Indochinese peoples and labelled this a grand plan of China aimed at expanding its influence and territory into Southeast Asia. The Ministers called for the negotiation and signing of non-aggression treaties between the Indochinese countries and Thailand as well as the other nations in Southeast Asia, cooperation in the issues of refugees and humanitarian relief, etc. They also warned Thailand against supporting the Pol Pot forces, violating Cambodia's sovereignty, inciting riots in Laos and denounced the Chinese invasion of Vietnam.

October 4, 1982

Excerpts of Talks between Leading Comrades and Foreign Guests (No. 8)

A Chinese Communist Party digest summarizing recent meetings held between Deng Xiaoping and UN Secretary-General Pérez de Cuéllar and French National Assembly Speaker Louis Mermaz.