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China and Latin America and the Caribbean

This collection features materials on China's foreign relations with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean during the Mao period. The majority of documents are about Sino-Cuban relations and China's perspectives on the Cuban Missile Crisis. The collection includes embassy cables sent from Chinese diplomats in Latin America and records of conversation between Chinese and various leaders from the region.Image: Zhou Enlai Greeting Che Guevara.

Popular Documents

October 31, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba, 'A Cuban Leader Talked about the Situation'

A report from a conversation with Joaquín Ordoqui. Two major topics are discussed. First: The Brazilian president, Joâo Goulart, sent his aide, Gen. Albino da Silva to Cuba, indicating that the Brazilian government is willing to mediate in the hopes of solving the Cuban problem, that the US is also willing to maintain relations with Cuba, and that [the Brazilian government] wants Cuba to return to the Organization of American States. And second: When negotiating with [UN Secretary-General] U Thant, we made Cuba's position crystal clear. Fidel [Castro] told him [U Thant] that an inspection, regardless of its form, would not be approved [by Cuban leaders], nor would it be approved by the Cuban people.

September 2, 1958

Mao Zedong, 'Fight for National Independence and Do Away with Blind Worship of the West'

Brazilian journalists Mariudim and Mme. Dotere speak with Mao about the prospects of stemming imperialism in Latin America, and countering Western influence. The reestablishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latin American countries, particularly Brazil, was also discussed.

November 27, 1962

Cable from the CCP Investigation Department and the Foreign Ministry, 'Reply on the Visit of Guevara's Mother'

A cable sent to the Chinese Embassy in Cuba detailing documents that are to be brought to the next meeting and advice for "dealing with Guevara's mother."

January 12, 1959

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Summary of Conversation between Chairman Mao and Governor Sampaio of Brazil'

President Mao Zedong exchanged views with Governor Sampaio on Chinese development, the role of Asia, Africa, and Latin America vis-a-vis the West, and Brazilian foreign policy. Mao also describes his personal studies of the English language.

November 15, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba, 'Report on Fidel Castro’s letter to UN Secretary-General U Thant'

A report from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba saying that Castro has send a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General rejecting any country or international organization who would conduct inspections on Cuban territory. The letter also reveals that US airplanes being sent into Cuban airspace could be shot down.