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A photo of Joseph Stalin from 1943

Stalin and the Cold War

Leader of the Soviet Union from 1922 until his death in 1953, this collection contain Stalin's own writings, conversations, and legacy. The documents come mostly from the 1950s, and from Russian archives. Topics discussed include Stalin's economic opinions and his views on the situation in East Germany. The final items discuss Stalin's death and the fate of some of his ministers. See also Economic Cold War, and Post Stalin Succession Struggle.

A photo of Joseph Stalin from 1943

Popular Documents

November 14, 1945

Gomulka’s Memorandum of a Conversation with Stalin

Stalin and Gomulka discuss Polish political structure, domestic policy, and foreign relations.

October 21, 1945

TASS News Summary, 'Radio Broadcasts'

Reports from various embassies of rumors that Stalin is ill.

October 11, 1945

TASS Digest Distributed to Cde. I.V. Stalin and Cde. C.M. Molotov, 'French Newspaper concerning Rumors in Connection with Comrade Stalin's Going on Vacation; etc.'

French newspaper "Pari-Press" reported on rumors of Stalin's departure for the Caucuses on vacation, and claimed this confirmed rumors Stalin was ill; Newspaper "Chicago Tribune" similarly reported rumors of Stalin's retirement and a resulting 'behind-the-scenes battle for power' between Zhukov, backed by the army, and Molotov, backed by the Communist Party.

July 13, 1950

Cable No. 3355, Filippov [Stalin] to the Soviet Ambassador, Peking

Stalin tells Mao that the British have been pressuring the Soviets to help for the North Koreans to withdraw to the 38th peril, and the Soviets are offended by this, and to want to insist on Soviet and PRC participation in the Security Council to resolve the issue. He also informs Mao of his willingness to send more planes, and more pilots to help train Chinese forces.

February 18, 1953

Indian Ambassador to the Soviet Union K. P. S. Menon Interview with Stalin

Menon and Stalin meet in Moscow to discuss Indo-Soviet relations. The two speak on issues including India's ethnic makeup and prospects for Indian military and economic development.