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June 30, 1950

Cable No. 405743, Shtykov to Stalin

[handwritten: to Cde. I. V. Stalin]



Copy Nº 1


CABLE Nº 405743/sh


from PYONGYANG sent at 1145 30 June 1950; received at 1225-1530 30 June

arrived at the 8th Directorate of the Armed Forces General Staff at 1232-1543 30 June


14 copies printed


Copy Nº 1 to Cde. Stalin

Copy Nº 2 to Cde. Stalin

Copy Nº 3 to Cde. Molotov

Copy Nº 4 to Cde. Beria

Copy Nº 5 to Cde. Malenkov

Copy Nº 6 to Cde. Mikoyan

Copy Nº 7 to Cde. Kaganovich

Copy Nº 8 to Cde. Bulganin

Copy Nº 9 to Cde. Gromyko


chief of the 4th section of the 8th Directorate of the

Armed Forces General Staff [illegible signature]


via wire

extremely urgent

[handwritten: 30 June 1950]


[handwritten: from Cde. Shtykov]


to Cde. STALIN


[Translator’s note: there is at least one illegible word followed by Stalin’s trademark “St” written in the area in the left margin entitled ”for notes”]


KIM IL SUNG addressed a request to deliver the following quantity of ammunition, communications equipment, and other military materiel to the DPRK in July:


1. Ammunition – 15 million 7.62 mm rifle cartridges with a light bullet in a clip

21,514,000 cartridges for the TT pistol.

43,000 bullets for the Nagan revolver.

15,200,000 7.62 mm cartridges with a light bullet without a clip; 15,500,000 with a heavy bullet.

1,200,000 12.7 mm DShK [Translator’s note: a machinegun] cartridges

180,000 14.5 mm cartridges for a PTR [anti-tank rifle]

247,000 26 mm cartridges of various colors for a signal pistol

38,000 37 mm shells for an anti-aircraft gun

100,000 [shells] for a 45 mm anti-tank gun

48,000 shells for a 76 mm regimental gun

100,000 shells for a 76 mm ZIS-3 [Translator’s note: possibly a tank cannon]

23,000 76 mm rounds for an SU-76 [assault gun]

200,000 82 mm mortar shells

8,000 85 mm rounds for an anti-aircraft gun

68,000 85 mm rounds for a T-34 [tank]

41,000 120 mm mortar shells

31,000 122 mm rounds for a howitzer

5,700 rounds for a 122 mm [field] gun

400,000 hand grenades

1,800,000 7.62 mm ShKAS [rapid-fire aircraft machinegun] shells

530,000 12.7 mm UBS and UBG [synchronized aircraft machinegun] rounds and 530,000 clips for them

144,000 20 mm ShVAK [aircraft machinegun] shells and 144,000 clips for them

350,000 23 mm VYa [aircraft cannon] rounds and 350,000 clips for them


Communications equipment: two RAF radios


38 RSBF radios

800 RBU radios

75 US-4 radio receivers

65 Morse sets

Four Baudot sets

3,000 I-43 telephones

70 K-10’s

4,000 kilometers of PTP-7 cable

6,000 telephone reels with gear trains

26 1.5S-3 battery chargers


Spare parts for aircraft:


30 650 tires for 200 YaK-9 [aircraft]

20 300 tires for 125 YaK-9

20 800 tires for IL-10 [aircraft]

20 265 tires for 110 YaK-11


All the tires with tubes


two VShI 111-V-20 propellers

two Ash-21 generator drives

two oil coolers [for] YaK-9’s, two for IL-10’s, and one for a YaK-9

two YaK-9 water coolers [vodoradiatory] and two IL-10 water coolers

one undercarriage set [for a] YaK-9, two for an IL-10, and one for a YaK-11

four assemblies of 650 wheels for 200 YaK-9’s

four assemblies of 300 wheels for 125 YaK-9’s

five assemblies of 800 wheels for 260 IL-10’s

two assemblies of 250 wheels for 200 YaK-11’s

two K-500 KGS generators [for] IL-10’s

two K-1500 KUS generators [for] YaK-11’s

10 three-pointer indicators [for] YaK-9’s

five AGP-2 [Translator’s note: possibly a type of compass] [for] YaK-9’s

five altimeters for YaK-9’s

five airspeed indicators for YaK-5’s

100 meters of “Ehlprge” [SIC] wire

200 meters of A-D-306 cable

200 meters of A-B-4,2 cable

two RK -1500 [for] YaK-11’s

two RK-500 for YaK-9’s

eight tons of GOI-54 lubricant

seven tons of NK-50 aircraft lubricant

five tons of NB-30 aircraft lubricant

15 tons of konstirin [SIC – unknown]

15 tons of turbine lubricant


Weapons – 5,000 PPS for officers’ weapons


I support KIM IL SUNG’s request.


Request your instructions for the delivery of at least 50% of this quantity by 10 July 1950.




Nº 398/sh

30 June 1950


Outgoing Nº 2116/shs 30 June 1950

Deciphered at 0650 30 June by Shcheblykin

Sent by Lobyseva at 1645 30 June 1950 (36)


North Korea requests supplies and weapons from the Soviet Union.

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Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitriĭ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995, mm97083838. Translated by Gary Goldberg.

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