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Fidel Castro, 1959.

Castro, Fidel 1926- 2016

Fidel Castro, 1959.

Popular Documents

October 28, 1962

Telegram from Yugoslav Embassy in Havana (Vidaković) to Yugoslav Foreign Ministry

Foreign Minister Raúl Roa said to the Yugoslavian official that Fidel’s last declaration (his 5 point statement on 28 October) was directed more at Khrushchev than to Kennedy.

November 14, 1968

From the Discussion with Comrade Fidel Castro on November 14, 1968, on the Outskirts of Havana

Record of conversation held between Fidel Castro, Harry Tisch, and Paul Verner.

March 11, 1976

Minutes of the Meeting between Todor Zhivkov and Fidel Castro in Sofia

Conversation for the record between Zhivkov and Castro during a four-day-long state visit of the Cuban leader to Bulgaria. Among the main issues discussed was the state of economic development in both countries, their relations with Albania, China, Romania and Yugoslavia; the Cuban foreign policy in Africa and the Caribbean; the civil war in Angola; the battle for the Third World.

January 21, 1961

From the Journal of S.M. Kudryavtsev, 'Record of a Conversation with Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro Ruz, 21 January 1961'

Fidel Castro discusses the conditions of the Cuban economy and militia and expresses his belief that Cuba-United States relations are heading in a positive direction.

November 7, 1960

S. Kudryavtsev to A.F. Dobrynin, 'Record of Conversation with Raúl Roa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 14 September 1960'

Kudryavtsev describes a meeting with Raul Roa where they discussed Khrushchev and Fidel Castro's meeting in New York City.