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Executive Committee of the National Security Committee during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Documents concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962--a major confrontation that brought the Soviet Union and the United States close to war over the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. The documents are drawn from countries all around the world and discuss armament and military supplies sent to Cuba, troop training, security issues in the region, and relations with the US. There are many items of correspondence during the crisis itself, including letters between Soviet representatives in Cuba, the US, the UN, and the USSR Foreign Ministry.

Executive Committee of the National Security Committee during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Popular Documents

October 24, 1962

Letter from Khrushchev to John F. Kennedy

Khrushchev expresses outrage at Kennedy’s establishment of quarantine in Cuba.

October 26, 1962

Telegram from Fidel Castro to N. S. Khrushchev

In his message to Khrushchev, Fidel Castro evaluated the two possible scenarios of American aggression against Cuba. Castro seems to suggest a retaliatory nuclear strike against the US in the case of an attack on Cuba.

January 31, 1963

Letter from Khrushchev to Fidel Castro

Khrushchev wrote to Fidel Castro to discuss the issues in the two countries' relation after the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviet leader attacked voices from other countries, including socialist ones, blaming the USSR of being opportunistic and self-serving. He explained the decision to withdraw missiles from Cuba, stressing the possibility of advancing Communism through peaceful means. Khrushchev underlined the importance of guaranteeing against an American attack on Cuba and urged Havana to focus on economic, cultural and technological development to become a shining beacon of socialism in Latin America. Besides, he also invited Fidel Castro to visit Moscow and discuss the preparations for such a trip.

October 27, 1962

Cable, Ambassador Dobrynin to the Soviet Foreign Ministry, Meeting with Robert Kennedy

October 28, 1962

Letter from Khrushchev to Fidel Castro

Khrushchev informed Castro of his deal with J.F.Kennedy. The Soviet leader warned Castro of attempts to sabotage the agreement by men in the Pentagon and urged him to restrain from being provoked, e.g. firing at American planes.