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October 21, 1961

Letter from Asan Alimerko, 'An account being submitted'

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Note: This is an account by our ambassador in Korea that talks about the reception of our delegation that went to Korea to take part in the 4th Congress of the Korean Workers’ Party, as well as about the conversations with Comrade [General Secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP)] Kim Il Sung.  

Comrade [Member of the Political Bureau of the APL CC and Secretary of the CC] Hysni [Kapo] says that there is nothing new from what Comrade [First Vice-Chairman of the Ministerial Council, Minister of Learning and Culture and Member of the Political Bureau of the APL CC] Manush [Myftiu] has already informed us.

Date October 21, 1961




The Embassy of the People’s Republic of Albania        Pyongyang, on October 4, 1961

to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Number 111. Top Secret


To the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor

(Comrade Piro Bita)





Re: An account being submitted.


Attached we are sending, in duplicate, an account of the reception of the delegation of our party by Comrade Kim Il Sung and the talks that took place in this meeting.


The Ambassador

(Hasan Alimerko)



[Handwritten list on the side:]


-Ramiz [Alia]

-Rita [Marko?]


Hasan Alimerko, the Albanian Ambassador to North Korea, relates the experience of the Albanian delegation that attended the 4th Congress of the Korean Workers’ Party. He addresses the delegation’s reception and recalls the conversation with Kim Il Sung, which touched on North Korea’s development as well as on the divisions within the communist camp.

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AQPPSH, MPP Korese, V. 1961, D4. Translated by Enkel Daljani.


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