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September 21, 1959

Report by Qiao Xiaoguang on a Conversation with Kim Il Sung

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[To] All Provincial, Municipal, and Autonomous Region Party Committees, Party Organizations of Government Offices and People’s Associations, the [People’s Liberation Army] General Political Department, and the Communist Youth League Central Committee:


I am sending you a copy of the telegram by Qiao Xiaoguang, [Chinese] Ambassador to [North] Korea, for your reading.


Central Committee

25 September 1959


Report on a Conversation with Kim Il Sung


[To the] International Liaison Department of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Today, Comrade Kim Il Sung told me that after he arrives in Beijing, he would like to meet with Chairman Mao [Zedong] and Chairman Liu [Shaoqi] to discuss [North] Korea’s economic development over the past year. He expressed that he fully supports the resolutions of the Eighth Plenum of the Eighth Central Committee, [as well as] China’s Great Leap Forward, the People’s Communes, our general [political] line, and our opposition to Peng Dehuai’s right opportunist anti-Party clique. Kim said that the Korean [Workers’] Party is not surprised by Peng Dehuai’s opposition to the [Chinese Communist] Party and that this is [in fact] completely understandable. The Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party had quite a few concerns about Peng Dehuai in the past, but did not raise these [questions about Peng to the Chinese Communist Party] out of a broader interest in protecting the unity of the two [Chinese and Korean] parties. During the trip to Beijing, [Kim said that] [Mao and Liu] might find an opportunity to discuss this issue with our Party.


Qiao Xiaoguang

21 September 1959

Qiao Xiaoguang, the Chinese Ambassador to North Korea, reports to the Central Committee that Kim Il Sung expressed the desire to discuss North Korea's economic development with Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi. Kim also states his support for the CCP and the solidarity of the China-DPRK relationship.

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Shanxi Provincial Archives, C54-1011-39. P76. Obtained by Shen Zhihua and translated by Jeffrey Wang and Charles Kraus.


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