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Popular Documents

July 6, 1945

Decree of the CC CPSU Politburo to Mir Bagirov CC Secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, 'Measures to Organize a Separatist Movement in Southern Azerbaijan and Other Provinces of Northern Iran'

The Soviet leadership informs the leadership of the CPAz CC of the decisions taken regarding the need to organize a separatist movement in Northern Iran. The document sets up a step by step plan to insure that the population in Northern Iran can be manipulated to declare independence and join the Azerbaijan SSR.

August 24, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 24 August 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 24 August 1991 describes the latest developments in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Lebanon, France, El Salvador, South Africa, China and Iran.

June 2007

The Nationalism Case. Folder 57. The Chekist Anthology.

In this entry, Mitrokhin expresses the KGB’s views on the threat of organized oppositionist nationalism within the Soviet bloc.

December 10, 1988

Excerpts from the Diary of Anatoly Chernyaev

Chernyaev's diary entry on the worsening situation in the Baltics and implications for the state of the Soviet Union.

November 23, 1945

Telegram from Baku to Moscow, M.D. Bagriov and I.I. Maslennikov to Cdes. Stalin, Molotov, Beria, and Malenkov

Message sent to top Soviet officials reporting that Iranian troops had advanced on Tabriz and were waiting for reinforcements to engage the Azerbaijani partisans. Also notes that complications may arise as a result of General Derakhshani's institution of martial law in Tabriz.