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The Kremlin, Russia


Documents and other resources related to the history of Russia since the dissolution of the USSR on December 26, 1991, and the subsequent establishment of the Russian Federation, as well as materials related specifically to the history of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR).

For materials on Soviet history, see Soviet Union.

The Kremlin, Russia

Popular Documents

September 1992

Points for Press Backgrounder on Arms Control and Regional Security Working Group Meeting - 15-17 Sep. 1992

Press guidance for the ACRS meeting to be held in Moscow, September 15-17, 1992.

September 1992

Background Materials: ACRS Working Group

Attachments include: "Working Group on Regional Security and Arms Control: Organizational Meeting, January 29, 1992. Non-Paper: Points of Consensus." Additional attachments were withheld.

April 16, 1993

Record of Japan-United States Summit Meeting

This record contains summaries of: (1) the tête-à-tête meeting between President Clinton and Prime Minister Mizazawa; (2) a small group meeting involving the President and Prime Minister, as well as several senior members of the US and Japanese cabinets; and (3) an expanded working lunch. Topics of discussion included U.S.-Japan strategic and economic relations, climate change, the Uruguay Round, policies towards Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, and China, and Japan's status at the United Nations. Various portions of the document were withheld, including an entire section on North Korea.

June 2007

About the Middle East. Folder 81. The Chekist Anthology

Information on the situation in the Middle East prepared by KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov in April 1973, prior to a 7 May 1973 discussion in the Politburo.

Andropov stated that given the increase in anti-Israeli propaganda in Egypt and Syria, as well as the heightened state of readiness of their armies, it was possible that a coalition of Middle Eastern states could resume military operations against Israel before, or during the upcoming Nixon-Brezhnev summit.

To prevent this, the KGB initiated a series of active measures. Specifically, they dispatched KPSU Politburo Candidate Member K.G. Mazurov to speak with Egyptian President Sadat and Syrian President Assad on the USSR’s behalf; informed the United States government through unofficial channels that a resumption of hostilities in the Middle East was not in Moscow’s interests; delayed the delivery of new Soviet surface to surface missiles to Egypt; and dispatched a well known Soviet journalist specializing in Middle Eastern affairs to Cairo and Damascus to study the situation.

September 17, 1992

Co-Chairmen's Concluding Remarks, Moscow ACRS Meeting, 17 September 1992

This document summarizes the tone of the 1992 Moscow ACRS Meeting, the second ever meeting, and provides instructions to prepare delegates for the next meeting, in hopes of moving towards bilateral arms control and confidence-building measures.