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Popular Documents

September 20, 1973

Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov – Leonid I. Brezhnev, Voden Residence [Bulgaria]

The two leaders discuss trade agreements, the situation in the Balkans, and policies toward Yugoslavia, Romania and the PRC.

April 26, 1949

Secret Daily Information Bulletin for the Prime Minister Georgi Dimitrov, communicated from Sofia to Moscow

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs create an informational bulletin on the domestic political developments.

March 23, 1989

Bulgarian Secretariat Resolution on Termination of Jamming of Foreign Broadcasts for Bulgaria

The BCP CC passes a decision to stop jamming the broadcast of Western radio stations airing programs in Bulgarian. This decision however does not apply to Radio Ankara, whose Bulgarian programming continues to be blocked.

October 1976

Material for Discussion in the "Permanent Commission on Issues of European Security"

An analysis of the November 1976 plenary session of the socialist countries' permanent commission of scientific institutions discussion about issues of European security and cooperation.

January 11, 1961

Information from MVR Inspectorate on Yugoslav Intelligence Services Against Bulgaria

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports its intelligence findings on the activities of the Yugoslav intelligence services against Bulgaria. Working both from home and in-country, the Yugoslav intelligence is allegedly trying to gather information on a broad set of issues – ranging from trade relations within Comecon, to Bulgaria’s military capacity and its potential to pose a threat to Yugoslav Macedonia.