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November 7, 1962

Coded Message No. 16329 from Rio de Janeiro

A confidant of President Goulart claims that Brazil wishes to buy 100 helicopters from Poland immediately.

September 15, 1962

Coded Message No. 13680 from Rio de Janeiro

Zabłocki writes that the Brazilian military is interested in purchasing helicopters and aircraft from Poland and that it wants to send crew to Poland for training.

December 25, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Notice on the Cambodian Situation and Changes in the Government of Democratic Cambodia'

The Chinese Foreign Ministry provides an update on the leadership in Cambodia and the Cambodian-Vietnamese war.

September 1, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Notice on Vice President Mondale's Visit to China'

A summary of Walter Mondale's meetings with Chinese officials, including Deng Xiaoping and Hua Guofeng. Topics of conversation included bilateral relations and the situation in Indochina.

August 30, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'On the Commemoration of Vietnam's National Day'

The Chinese Foreign Ministry proposes an olive branch gesture towards Vietnam.

June 30, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'More on the Term “Refugee”'

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issues a clarification on who can be considered a "refugee" in the context of the current confrontation with Vietnam.

June 4, 1979

Cable, Foreign Ministry and State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Fujian Provinces

Poul Hartling, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, will visit China to try to resolve the refugee crisis stemming from the Sino-Vietnamese conflict.

May 23, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'On Maintaining Consistent Lines in Propaganda on the Vietnam Issue'

Propaganda guidance for Chinese officials to rely upon when discussing the Sino-Vietnamese conflict with foreign nationals.

April 16, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Notice on Holding Vice Foreign Minister Level Talks Between China and Vietnam'

A report on negotiations between China and Vietnam ongoing in Hanoi. Document outlines China's positions, as well as how China interprets Vietnam's positions, in the talks.

March 1, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping Discusses the Vietnam Issue'

A summary of a conversation where Deng Xiaoping said, "We are now teaching a lesson to the Cuba of the East -- Vietnam."